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Non-cam variable-speed drive of the rotor drive mechanism of the combine “Don-2600”

The operating rotor speed is constant, i.e. there are no rotation with acceleration and reverse, conditioned by technology, and transient processes, related to change of working speed, are negligible. The irregularity factor δ ≤ 0,02. These characteristics allow to apply in the rotor drive mechanism the nonreversible non-cam HTVSD with elastic element.

Characteristics of HTVSD for the rotor drive mechanism of the combine “Don-2600”

Transmitted power

Np = 120 kW

Operating rotor speed range

n0 = 600 … 1400 rpm

Rotor rotation irregularity factor

δ ≤ 0,02

HTVSD service life

[L]h = 1800 hours

2007, Zaritskiy