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Cam variable-speed drive of the drive mechanism of drive wheels of the combine “Don-2600”

The HTVSD, intended for application in drive mechanisms of the driven units of mobile vehicles, are to have the following main characteristics:

  • support of “shutdown mode”;
  • high uniformity of the output shaft rotation;
  • operation in transient modes;
  • small dimensions;
  • balanced inertia forces.

The cam HTVSD, designed for the drive mechanism of wheels of the grain combine “Don-2600” has the specified characteristics. This variable-speed drive ensures the smoothly variable reversible speed of combine wheels.

In order to reduce dimensions of the drive mechanism, we suggest to apply the wheel differential, built into the differential of variable-speed drive. We recommend to make the independent brake control of left and right axles, which will allow to increase the combine maneuverability, for example, to reduce the turning radius at one locked axle.

Characteristics of HTVSD for the drive mechanism of wheels of the combine “Don-2600”

Transmitted power

Np = 30 kW

Velocity of the combine

V = −20 … 20 km/hour

Wheel rotation irregularity factor

δ = 0

HTVSD service life

[L]h = 1800 hours

2007, Zaritskiy